Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Competition Winners Announced

Last night was the awards reception for Botanica's annual photography competition, A Portrait of Botanica. This competition captures the beauty of Botanica through the art of photography and provides a forum to display and sell the work of amateur photographers. The competition is sponsored for the community by DPI.

Twenty-five awards totaling more than $1,250 were given out by a panel of judges. Linda Mae Richardson took home top honors in the adult division for her photo, entitled "Amberwing" and Emily Ritter took home top honors in the youth division for her photo, "Taking Flight."

Adult Division
1st PLACE: Linda Mae Richardson: "Amberwing"
2nd PLACE: Gary Martin: "Reflections of a Water Lily"
3rd PLACE: Beverly Strouse: "Chard Tree"

Youth Division
1st PLACE: Emily Ritter: "Taking Flight"
2nd PLACE: Kelsey Prather: "Beauty Sleep"
3rd PLACE: Evan Riepe: "Unfolding Magnolia"

Congratulations also go to the following photographers for their award-winning photos:
Tammy Bach, Ben Foster, Kelly Gottschalk, Jennifer Keller, Carmen Latimer, Sara Penner, Marsha Phelps, Gary Taylor, Sigrid Trombley and Charlotte Wilson.

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