Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Woodland Bird Garden OPENS June 15!

Come celebrate the grand opening of Botanica's 25th themed garden as the Woodland Bird Garden opens June 15 at 1:00. The Woodland Bird Garden is an enhanced natural habitat that features more than 300 newly planted trees and shrubs with a variety of perennials that will be a source of food and shelter for a variety of birds year-round and some splashy annuals for color. See the plants that will attract and support bird populations, view some of the more than 93 species of birds that call Botanica home throughout the year and learn how you can enhance your habitat to attract our feathered friends.
For your viewing pleasure the Woodland Bird Garden will be open starting June 15 from Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm.


CardinAlRose said...

Mia--The Woodland Garden is so pretty. Many thanks are due to you, the rest of the staff and garden volunteers for all the hard work you/they have done during the past year getting the last of the original garden space ready for a grand opening. We're looking forward to the cameras going "live" and providing the opportunity for people world wide to enjoy seeing some of our little bit of heaven right here in Wichita.

gardengirl35 said...

My two sons and I visited Botanica today and saw the new bird garden. We were simply blown away by the experience. We even took about ten minutes to just sit on one of the benches and we watched as a woodpecker ate some peanuts from the feeder. I was so surprised that my sons were as mesmerized by the experience as I was...truly peaceful, beautiful and serene. You all have created a woodland paradise giving Botanica even more to be proud of. Thanks so much!
Beth Snyder
PS If you could post a list of the bird friendly plants and shrubs used in the garden that would be helpful.